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  Fire Retardant Painting Fire Proof Painting / Intumescent Painting
On their we have listed several Fireproof Manufactures that we use for our suppliers. Our company can provide you with fire proofing any project you have 1 to 5 hour rating. 

of Schools Hospitals, Restaurants.  also providing Anti Graffiti coating for Buildings,Trains- Buses, Bus terminals  and Residential homes.High Rises.

Our use of Thermal coating on pipe, roofs,boilers, steam pipes, underground pipelines, heat producing equipment, and more. Operating temperature Extremes: Temperature Extremes: -40F to 400F (-40C to 204C). and residential sectors works in compliance with the Painting industry standards.
  Learn more at    Thermal Painting

Epoxy Primers with the right mill thickness and finish coats of Polyurethane , Oils, Latex, Cold tar. Corrosion resistant ceramic tank coating,
that prevent flame-spread fire retardant, waterproofing, abrasion protection
and steam/high pressure wash-down protection.

Included in our resume is the use of Eco friendly paint with low VOCs and lacquers, paint strippers, helping the environment. Water-based paint strippers,
coatings removers and associated products. Good for our environment.




- totally free of all pesticides, herbicides & toxins

Certified Leed Green Painting

Eco Commercial Painting

We also provide Lead Base Encapsulation for painting project that would be to costly for full containment. See our site
Lead Base Paint Encapsulation   
Other Paint coating that we use are Acrylics paints, Alkyds,Baked Phenolics Coal Tars,
Epoxy,Amines Epoxy, Novolacs Epoxy Polyamides Epoxy Phenalkamines,
Fireproofing, Fireproofing Gypsum Based Fireproofing Intumescent Fluorourethanes, Petrolatum Tapes Polyaspartics,Polyesters Polyureas & Hybrids,
Elastomeric) Polyurethane Finishes Polyurethanes,Silicones Siloxanes,Vinyl Esters,Water Based Products Zincs Inorganic, Zincs Organic


Sand Blasting – Soda Blasting structural steel – Commercial Sand Blast cement floors – Water Blasting high rises,-Glass Bead Blasting – Grit Blast inside tanks, – Shot Blast water tanks,
– Water jet blasting stadiums,Hydro Blasting California sand blast,Utah water blast, water blasting, Texas beed blasting,Commercial Sand Blasting

As Full service painting contractor we provide 
Commercial Sand blasting, and Industrial sandblasting , Dustless sand blasting ( Read More at our site DustLess Sand Blasters )
Hydro blasting at 5,000 PSI for Concrete floor cleaning, Steel deck cleaning, Surface cleaning, oil build-up removal,Surface cleaning, Floor Epoxy removal,
Etching concrete – Floor Sealer Removal Profiling Concrete Floors using,Glass beed blasting,Soda blasting ,Grit Blast , Shot Blast
For Silos and High rise painting we use,bosun’s chairs,scaffolding‎, ropes,cable,swing stage,boom Lifts.aerial lifts, We carry our OSHA,MSHA, Fall Protection Certifications
( See MSHA Painters for more Detail )
Kennott Copper Mines – Urainium One Mines – Barrick Gold Mines & Climax Mines
(  BROWZ Compliant )
We support these Web site dealing with MSHA  MSHA Certified Contractors OSHA Certified Contractors
MSHA Safety Equipment OSHA MSHA Training  EPA Certified TrainingMSHA Certified Contractors
MSHA Certified Training
    Need to be MSHA Certified?
Great Basin Safety. Call Wes White 775-934-9744

We provide Water Tank Inspections – Vinyl Wall Covering in Hotels – Offices – Casinos Including
Free hand drawings for logos.
Acrylic Wall Texture  for Hotels – Casinos – Restaurants  high traffic areas.
Where wall are bumped torn scraped, scratched and marred.
Acrylic Texture - Acrylic TechnologiesAcrylic Knock DownAcrylictex Acrylic Wall Texture
 When product dries on the walls it’s like having a iron film to protect you investment.

We also have a shop for Painting Pipe and Equipment and
Custom Cars See  Mr Lowrider
The Car in Napoleon Dynamite I Own It Sweet

Napoleon Dynamite  Car – Movie   

           Low Low

 Patrick    1 – 877-749-5554     pat@greatwesternpainting.com

Our Other Coating Division

1 - Fire Retardant Painting
2 - Acrylic Wall Texture
3 - Anti graffiti Painting
4 - Thermal Painting
5 - Immersion Coatings
6 - Industrial Paint Coating

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